How An Attorney Can Help Your Case

Most injured employees are not familiar with the laws regulating workers' compensation, while most employers and insurance companies are thoroughly knowledgeable about how the compensation system works — and how to make it work in their favor.

You may not need a lawyer if your workers' comp claim is approved and you receive the benefits you need until you are ready to return to work. But if any aspect of your claim is in dispute with your employer or your employer's insurance company, it is important for you to obtain an attorney. The dispute process involves complex legal procedures. You will be at a disadvantage if you do not retain an attorney to represent your interests in these proceedings.

The Law Office of Ronald M. Stein, Attorney at Law, in Stockton, California, can help protect your rights if you have suffered a work-related injury. Our 20-plus years of experience advocating on behalf of injured workers helps us protect clients against the common tactics used by insurance companies to limit your rights. These include "hired gun" doctors who attempt to block you from getting necessary treatment, cut off your benefits or send you back to work too early.

Taking The Right Approach To Your Case

We help injured workers determine if their case has sufficient merit to go to court, or if it needs to be settled amicably with an employer. The truth is that some claims should not be filed at all, but because workers' compensation attorneys get paid only when their client obtains a financial recovery, the attorneys may push forward with a claim that should be resolved in some other fashion.

Schedule A Free Consultation

If you're filing a workers' compensation claim and asking yourself, "Why do I need an attorney?" the answer may very well be, "You don't," but it may also be, "You could get more money with one." At the Law Office of Ronald M. Stein, Attorney at Law, we talk honestly and openly with clients, providing them with a full picture of possible outcomes and ramifications so they can make an informed decision.

We offer a free consultation in which we can address the nuances of your specific case and recommend the best steps to take next — even if it means our services will not be necessary. Call 209-751-4370 or email us to schedule an appointment.