Workers' Compensation Guidance For All Workers

Anyone can have an accident at work. A construction worker who falls off a ladder, an office worker who slips on a wet floor and a landscaper with a repetitive stress injury all have the same rights.

At the Law Office of Ronald M. Stein, Attorney at Law, in Stockton, we are devoted to helping workers in all industries get the compensation they deserve. Workers in all industries can benefit from working with an experienced workers' compensation attorney, and we are here to help.

Workers' Compensation Is Not Limited By Industry Or Business Size

All employers in California are required to provide workers' compensation benefits for their workers, regardless of what industry they are in or the number of employees they have. As long as a company or business has one or more employees, they must fulfill this requirement.

Even if you have been classified as an "independent contractor", you still may be eligible for compensation through your work. In many cases, employers will purposely misclassify their employees as contractors in order to avoid providing these benefits. If this has happened to you, we will help you fight back to obtain the funds you need.

Dedicated To Helping All Workers

We understand that getting hurt at work can have a serious impact on your life. Medical costs add up and missing time at work can add stress to an already painful injury. For 30 years, we have helped workers who have been injured while working in:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Construction

We also assist clients who are concerned about filing a workers' comp claim due to their immigration status. Whether you are a documented or undocumented worker, you can obtain workers' compensation benefits. With our help, you can recover from your injury without fear of losing your job or being turned over to immigration authorities.

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