Some Independent Contractors Are Eligible For Workers' Comp Benefits

If you have been hurt on the job, but you're worried that your status as an independent contractor prevents you from obtaining workers' compensation, we can help.

At the Law Office of Ronald M. Stein, Attorney at Law, in Stockton, California, we have helped workers obtain the compensation they need for 30 years. In light of changes to state law, even more workers may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

Businesses Have A History Of Improperly Classifying Independent Contractors

Workers' compensation for independent contractors can be especially complicated in light of recent developments in California law. Previously, many businesses misclassified employees as independent contractors in order to deprive workers of basic protections relating to wages, overtime and benefits — including workers' compensation benefits.

In 2018, the Supreme Court of California held that in order to be classified as an independent contractor, a worker must be:

  • Free from control or direction by the employer
  • Performs work that is unrelated to the hirer's core business
  • Engaged in an independently established occupation

These worker classification rules affect numerous people who have been hurt on the job. Even if you have previously been classified as an independent contractor, you still have options.

We Can Help You Challenge Independent Contractor Status

By working with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer, you can challenge your classification as an independent contractor and apply for workers' compensation benefits. We'll help you examine the circumstances of your employment and determine your options for recovery.

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