Workplace injuries: getting help when you're hurt and vulnerable

The list is long.

In fact, when it comes to reflecting upon workplace risks and on-the-job injuries, there is an almost unlimited realm of adverse possibilities that can become painfully real is an instant.

Pipes burst. Machine components malfunction. Scaffolding can be unstable. Trenches cave in. Heavy objects fall. Fires start. Explosions occur.

Anyone seeking to add to that abbreviated list could easily expand it a hundred fold. Truly, the sources that centrally contribute to workplace injury are vast, and the effects they yield -- with often tragic consequences -- unfold at diverse workplaces in California and across the country daily.

We spotlighted the California workers compensation regime in our immediately preceding blog post, noting in our April 27 entry that its spelled-out statutory scheme was crafted long ago "to help workers respond to the sudden uncertainty and insecurities that follow a debilitating workplace injury."

Sometimes that program needs a forceful nudge from a proven workers' compensation attorney who acts on behalf of workers. Employers can be unreasonable. Insurers sometimes seek to deny a claim by arguing that an injury was not, in fact, a work-related occurrence.

An injured worker sometimes needs to think about this, also: In select instances, a knowledgeable attorney can identify parties other than an employer that might have played a role in an injury through negligence. Those can include contractors and other entities. An injured employee can sometimes pursue a personal injury claim for damages, in addition to the injury-related remedy provided for through workers' comp.

As we note on our website at the Stockton Law Office of Ronald M. Stein, on-the-job injuries span a wide universe of possibilities. A knowledgeable attorney with a tenured record of advocating passionately and aggressively on behalf of California employees who have suffered workplace injuries can help ensure that a worker's best interests are fully promoted in a given case.

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