Your injury claim is valid, so a denial can never occur, right?

You were injured while engaging in a job-related task at the workplace and, as a result, there is absolutely no way you can resume your work-related duties without undergoing some time off and physical therapy. Moreover, you have workers' compensation benefits, so there's no question that your family will be adequately provided for while you recover from your on-the-job injury, right?

There are two answers that to that question, namely, the "perfect world" response and the rejoinder more applicable to the world in which we actually live.

Of course, you should have no worries on that score. After all, why should there be ever be blowback regarding a valid workplace injury claim?

Unfortunately, there simply is, sometimes. As we note on our workers' compensation website at the Stockton Law Office of Ronald M Stein, Attorney at Law, "Many injured workers are surprised o discover that collecting workers' compensation benefits is not an automatic process following a job-related injury."

That is because an employer might suddenly become stubborn regarding your claim. Or, alternatively, an insurance company will do, well, what an insurer often does, namely, challenge you because that is in its best interests. Perhaps, too, an administrative law judge from the California Division of Workers' Compensation simply refuses to respond logically to your claim.

It happens.

In fact, it occurs all the time, leaving denied claimants with an immediate and urgent need to enlist a proven attorney who routinely advocates on behalf of injured workers seeking justice following their work-related accidents and harms.

Appealing a denied claim might be challenging, but it is a necessary and often worthwhile task. An experienced legal advocate can answer questions and work hard to promote a legal outcome that is just and that fully promotes a client's best interests.

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