The many dangers truck drivers can face

The roads are not the only place where truck drivers can face workplace dangers. While traffic accidents are one of the types of on-the-job accidents that can strike truck drivers, there are also various non-driving settings in which harmful work accidents can occur for such drivers. This includes when a truck driver is: getting in or out of their vehicle, unloading/loading their vehicle, moving containers and walking around their workplace. Types of injuries accidents in these settings could involve include overexertion injuries and slip/trip/fall injuries.

So, overall, there are many different types of safety risks a truck driver could face in their work. Recent federal data also points to truck drivers, sadly, having a higher likelihood of suffering significant harm on the job than many other workers.

For one, compared to other American workers, heavy truck/big rig drivers have triple the likelihood of suffering injuries or illnesses that necessitate missing days from work. Also, big rig drivers make up a rather large portion, about one-sixth, of work fatality victims in America.

So, among the significant challenges that can come up for truck drivers in relation to their work are safety challenges. One hopes all companies that employ truck drivers give their drivers the tools they need to address these challenges properly.

Unfortunately, like other workers here in California, truck drivers in the state can also face significant challenges when trying to be fairly compensated for injuries they suffered while working. The current workers’ comp system in the state can pose many difficulties for workers. So, when pursuing workers’ compensation here in California, a truck driver may want the help of an attorney who understands these difficulties and what it takes to fight against them.

Source: Safety+Health, “DOL: Tractor-trailer truck drivers at increased risk of injury, death,” Aug. 24, 2016

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