A top-10 list that a safety-conscious company wants no part of

If you're a company manager -- especially a safety official -- for a California enterprise or other business entity nationally, you're always glad to receive an accolade or two regarding your conscious promotion of safe work practices and outcomes for employees, right?

All good-faith and reasonably minded employers covet positive mentions regarding workplace safety, of course. A sterling record in that regard connotes a close company nexus with best practices that keep workers optimally safe. Going the extra yard in expending time and money on better equipment and training yields employee confidence and satisfaction that, in turn, enhances the financial bottom line for a business.

Given that, it nonetheless remains an intractable reality that, year after year, many workplaces across California and the country remain inherently dangerous places to work. Spotty work practices and inattention to safety-related details take a tragically heavy toll on workers' health and lives.

A recent government report on workplace hazards and the devastating toll they take on American workers notes this flatly horrific fact: 4,500-plus workers suffer fatal on-the-job injuries nationally every year.

And here is a truly sad point to note in connection with that tragically high number: Virtually every serious and fatal safety outcome in workplaces across the United States is preventable.

Put another way: Absent some act or omission clearly signifying on-the-job negligence, reckless or wanton conduct, adverse safety outcomes simply would not occur.

If you're an employer, states the U.S. Department of Labor, it is flatly imperative that you note and take precautions against recurrent workplace hazards. Those centrally include things like falls, machine-related mishaps and electrical wiring dangers, which kill high numbers of workers every year.

Employees in all industries across California and the country have a lawful right to work in reasonably safe conditions at all times. There is no excuse for employer laxity when it comes to the well-being and lives of workers.

Any employee with questions or concerns about a workplace-related safety matter can obtain candid guidance and strong legal representation from a proven workers' compensation and workplace injury attorney.

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