Representing workers with gradually developing injuries

In many cases, it is quite obvious that a Stockton, California, employee suffered a serious injury while on the job. Although there may be other issues with getting workers' compensation benefits, there is rarely any way to deny in good faith that the injury took place at work, which is one of the prerequisites for getting benefits.

However, many times, employees in California develop workplace injuries only over time. Such is the case frequently with repetitive motion injuries and other problems with joints like the back or knees. Over time, the activities are person must do to perform his or her job wears down the parts of that person's body to the point where they can no longer work.

Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies sometimes take these sorts of injuries as an opportunity to deny a claim, since they are hard to prove that they are work-related since they did not happen in connection with a single incident.

In these sorts of cases, it is important for an injured employee to have the right legal advocate at their side in order to make sure they get the full benefits to which they are entitled. In this respect, our law office is proud of our reputation as a firm that will push back when an employer or insurance company claims a gradual injury is not work-related.

From our experience, we know how to ask the right questions and gather the information necessary to prove that our clients' injuries deserve workers' compensation. While we are also strong negotiators, we are fully prepared to take our clients' cases to a hearing in the event negotiation is not possible.

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