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In California, it's not workers employed in manufacturing or construction who run a higher risk of workplace injuries. Rather, those employed in health care actually are at greater risk for workplace injury than construction or manufacturing workers. Fortunately, health workers may be entitled to compensation if they become ill from an incident on the job or suffer a workplace injury.

When people think of workplace accidents, they probably conjure up images of construction sites, manufacturing plants, or fishing boats. But in Connecticut and elsewhere, folks who work in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities than those employed in construction or manufacturing jobs. The incidence of injury is similar across all types of health care facilities, public or private, union or nonunion.

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data indicates that health care workers are injured most often in larger facilities such as hospitals, long-term care center, and nursing homes. Workers in private health care settings are more likely to be injured than those in public settings, but only by a small percentage. Individuals who make home health care visits also tend to be injured at a high rate.

Most injuries to health care workers are caused by other people - usually patients - who either intentionally or inadvertently lash out. Muscle and back injuries from lifting objects or moving patients are also common in health care workplaces, as are injuries caused by slips, trips, or falls. Health workers also run a greater risk of contracting an illness, disease or infection on the job than individuals employed in other industries.

Health workers who have become ill or suffered an injury while on the job at their place of work may be entitled to benefits. These can help pay for medical bills, cover lost wages, and in the case of major accidents, compensate for lost earning potential. An experienced attorney can help investigate and assess the case and make sure that an injured worker receives the compensation they deserve.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Hospital workers: an assessment of occupational injuries and illnesses," accessed Feb. 12, 2018

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