Know what to expect from your workers’ compensation claim

When you suffer from a work-related injury, you usually have the right to file a workers' compensation claim to help you recover from the injury and make up for income lost during the recovery. However, if you do not know what to expect from such a claim, you may miss out on important benefits that you rightly deserve.

Unfortunately, the workers' compensation process is constructed in a way that often protects employers' and insurance providers' interests above workers' interests. In many cases, workers who do not know the benefits they should expect from a claim miss out on some form of compensation that they should receive. If you recently suffered an injury on the job, it is vital that you understand the benefits you should expect, to keep your rights and privileges protected from unfair business practices.

Forms of compensation

Workplace injuries range significantly in their severity, so not all claims result in equal compensation. If, for instance, a worker sprains an ankle while on the job, his or her workers' compensation claim will not receive the same compensation that a worker who breaks his or her leg does.

If you suffered an injury, your compensation may vary depending on the medical treatment that you receive to treat the injury, the length of time that it takes for you to recover, and any additional losses you face because of the accident, such as lost income and permanent or temporary disability.

Workers' compensation benefits may include

  • Compensation for medical expenses related to the injury and the victim's recovery
  • Compensation for lost income due to the injury
  • Compensation for any loss of function because of the injury
  • Compensation for loss of life due to a workplace injury

Of course, within each of these categories, there are many details to negotiate, such as the doctors you see to receive treatment and the treatments themselves. You may also have some conflicts surrounding when you can return to work and the type of work you perform when you return.

Securing the benefits you deserve

Each of these issues and more are negotiable to some extent. Before you accept the benefits that an insurance company offers, be sure to carefully scrutinize the offer to determine if it meets your needs fairly.

Unfortunately, when it comes to workers' compensation claims, workers must often look out for their own interests and create strategies to protect their own rights. Be sure to make protecting your own rights and privileges a priority as you work to recover from your own workplace injury.

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