Factory work is safer than in the past but dangers still exist

Factory workers serve a very important purpose for our society, but this doesn't mean that these workers are always safe. Historically, factories have been full of hazards. Over the years, more oversight and improved safety regulations have helped to keep these hardworking individual safer. Thing still aren't perfect, despite these positive changes.

The exact dangers workers have to deal with vary based on the work conditions. Here are some of the most common hazards that factory employees face, whether they work on the line or not:

Confined spaces

Some jobs are done in close quarters. For workers who have to enter vats, vaults and other small spaces, there is a risk of being locked in. This could lead to serious health issues if the space is too hot or too cold. In some cases, oxygen depletion can occur if the area is airtight. Using the buddy system and making sure all employees are accounted for can help to ensure that workers don't suffer from injuries due to this hazard.

Moving equipment

The moving equipment required to do tasks in the factory can cause amputations and other catastrophic injuries. Workers must be sure that they understand how to work the machines they are using. Anyone operating moving equipment must pay close attention to the environment to ensure that they don't run over others or pin them against anything.


Harsh chemicals are often used in the manufacturing process. Some are caustic, which can lead to severe burns if they come into contact with human flesh. Protective gear, such as long sleeves, gloves, and bibs might be useful to reduce the chance that they will suffer an injury due to exposure. Many chemicals might also have the risk of causing respiratory problems if they are breathed in.


Between the chemicals and the machinery, there is a risk of fire in factories. Having a fire escape plan and extinguishers available can reduce the risk of a small fire turning into a fatal incident. Factories that require fire to operate should also provide protective equipment for employees who come into contact with it.

The nature of factory work is one of the biggest hazards that exists for employees of these businesses. It is up to the employers to have protocols in place to reduce the chance of an accident. When one does occur, the injured employee should seek workers' compensation benefits. These include partial wage replacement and coverage for medical care resulting from the work-related injury.

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