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How do you prove that a repetitive strain injury is work-related?

Repetitive strain injuries are common in many different industries. Caused by small, cumulative traumas to a worker's joints, muscles and tendons, the effects of repetitive strain injuries can be seen on factory workers and office employees alike.

Summer's coming: Protect yourself from heat injuries at work

After a long winter, everybody starts to look forward to the summer -- unless you have to work in the heat. Rising temperatures can prove a significant challenge for a lot of workers, especially those who have to work outside with little protection from the sun on road crews, building construction and similar jobs.

Tracking accidents and injury claims in the marijuana industry

Although the legal status of marijuana remains in flux throughout the country, it has become a lawful and booming industry here in California and certain other states. It may not seem obvious, but one of the benefits of legalization is tracking and ensuring worker safety.

BNSF worker wins $1.63 million for workplace injuries

Individuals who work in the presence of heavy machinery face an ongoing chance of suffering a serious injury. While employers have instituted numerous safety precautions and required employees to use various safety devices, the devices sometimes fail or are not used at all. A worker for the BNSF Railway Co. recently recovered a $1.63 million verdict from a Bakersfield jury based on the railroad's failure to follow standard workplace safety procedures.

Cal/OSHA fines contractor $141,075 for safety violations

The failure of California construction firms to adhere to the state's safety regulations leads to numerous deaths and injuries among the state's workers. Cal/OSHA recently fined Bay Construction Co., located in Oakland, $141,075 for safety violations following a fatal accident in April of this year.

Trench collapse kills worker in Daly City

Working below ground is an unusually dangerous occupation. From miners to pipeline construction workers, the earth presents a constant hazard to anyone who descends below the surface. One of the biggest risks is the uncertain nature of the surrounding soil. Some soil deposits are naturally stable and present only a small risk to workers, while other types of soil are inherently unstable and threaten the worker with a high risk of collapse and injury or death.

California among safest states for workers

Some workplaces pose more risks than others. Certain industries are inherently dangerous, meaning workers are aware that they could encounter various risks in the work environment. While safety precautions are taken, this does not always prevent injuries from happening.

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